Known for their economically priced HDTVs, Vizio has decided to tackle the sound bar market with the affordable and stylish Vizio VSB210WS. This attractively designed sound bar features a glossy black finish that matches the finish of the accompanying subwoofer. Despite the sound bar's sleek appearance, the plastic housing of the sound bar feels a little cheap.

Boasting 240 watts of total power, the VSB210WS provides sufficient amplification and sound quality for a sound bar in its price category. Vizio utilizes SRS TruSurround technology to enhance the effects of simulated surround sound. SRS TruSurround can take multi-channel encoded sources like DTS and duplicate the multi-channel surround effect with just two speakers. Activating the SRS TruSurround feature did heighten the effects of simulated surround sound, although the sensation of true surround sound was noticeably absent. To be fair, sound bars are incapable of producing true surround sound, as they don't support 5.1 channels.

Another welcomed feature is SRSTruVolume, which prevents volume spikes as you are watching television. Volume spikes often occur as television programs transition to commercials.

The sound bar's controls are located on the front edge of the speaker enclosure. From here, you can power the unit off and on, control volume, mute the audio, select the input and adjust processing controls. Alternatively, you can operate the sound bar via the small black remote control.

The included wireless subwoofer surpassed our expectations by offering richer and more full-bodied bass than many of units featured in our sound bar review. Deeper bass translates into more enjoyable action sequences, lending a sense of realism to car crashes, gunfights and other cinematic pandemonium. Despite its ability to be placed within 60 feet of the sound bar, we recommend placing the subwoofer closer to your TV for maximum performance. The wireless signal fades as the subwoofer gets farther from the main unit.

The speaker bar's back panel reveals three inputs: a single RCA input and two optical inputs. The optical inputs allow you to connect a host of home audio and video equipment such as Blu-ray players and DVD players. Surprisingly absent from the VSB210WS is any sign of HDMI or Bluetooth connectivity. Streaming music from a Smartphone to a sound bar is increasing in popularity, and Bluetooth connectivity is an ideal streaming method.

Navigating to Vizio's help and support page is effortless. Once there, you can access Support Q&A (a question and answer section that address frequent product concerns), submit a question via email to Vizio's support team, call Vizio via their toll-free telephone number or even connect with customer service representatives through Vizio's live chat feature. We were impressed with Vizio's team of well-trained and friendly customer service representatives during our frequent live chat sessions. Your Vizio sound bar comes backed by a one-year guarantee.

The Vizio VSB210W generates relatively convincing simulated surround sound, thanks in large part to SRS TruSurround. We were also impressed with the wireless subwoofer, which provides rumbling bass for high-octane movie sequences. Unfortunately, the lack of inputs and questionable build quality prevent the Vizio VSB210W from ranking higher in our sound bar reviews.


Vizio VSB210WS

SRS TruSurround technology enhances the feeling that you’re surrounded by sound.

TheVSB210WS sound bar provides limited connectivity options. The small remote control may feel uncomfortable in larger hands.

The Verdict
: 7.13/10

The attractively designed Vizio VSB210WS generates relatively convincing simulated surround sound, yet it lacks the connectivity options and build quality of some of the better entry-level sound bars.