Vizio is a fairly well-known brand. What many people don’t know is that Vizio makes more than just budget LED TVs. The Vizio 54 inch 3.0 Home Theater Sound Bar is one of the many sound bars in the Vizio Home Theater Sound Bar family. This 3.0 sound bar simulates real surround sound but doesn't include a subwoofer. It is a great option to add to your home theater system without breaking the bank.

Vizio is best known for producing and selling affordable LED TVs, but now it's branching out and producing other consumer electronics like sound bars. These cheap sound bars are cheap in price only. Vizio products are some of the finest quality you can purchase without paying high-end prices. The Vizio Home Theater Sound Bar line has a variety of options to choose from. The 54 inch 3.0 Sound Bar is one of the middle-of-the-pack sound bars in this series. It has decent sound and matches up fairly well with the best sound bars on the market. It has legitimately rich and deep sounds, which is important when you're watching movies.

This is a 3.0 channel sound bar. The “.0” of the sound bar means there is no included subwoofer. This model includes Deep Bass Modules, which Vizio claims its sound bar will produce enough bass without the accompaniment of a subwoofer. However, most of the best sound bars on the market will include a wireless subwoofer or have a built-in sub to produce bass sounds. The low-end production isn’t bad, but it does fall a tad short of the sound bars with included subwoofers. Some other models in this series do include a subwoofer either wirelessly or built-in.

This sound bar also features Bluetooth connectivity. You can download a Vizio app for the sound bar for more control or play music from your device. The design is functional and aesthetically pleasing and should mesh well with your home theater entertainment system.

Vizio has slowly become one of the bigger names in the home entertainment industry all while keeping up its value pricing for customers. Vizio has become a trusted name and offers a variety of support options, all of which can be found on its intuitive website. There is live chat, a toll-free number. Vizio offers email support and a FAQs section as well.

Vizio Summary:

The Vizio 54 inch Home Theater 3.0 Sound Bar is one of the best values on the market. Vizio’s calling card is how affordable its consumer electronics are. The Vizio Home Theater sound bar line is light on your budget but still boasts a high quality. The Home Theater Sound Bars have wireless connectivity and a sleek design as well.


Vizio 3.0 Home Theater Sound Bar with Integrated Deep Bass

This sound bar is one of the best combinations of value and quality that we reviewed.

It doesn't include a subwoofer.

The Verdict:

Vizio is a great bargain consumer electronic company. Its products, including the Home Theater Sound Bar line, matches up well with the best sound bars we reviewed while holding a price point that won’t hurt your wallet.